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SLC Timelapse

We’re in the middle of the two week vacation to Arizona and here’s a little tidbit from one of our first stops.  It’s just a super short handheld SLR timelapse of an intersection in downtown Salt Lake City from the top of the LDS church administration building.


Here’s a somewhat random post for you.  That timelapse from a few days ago has found its way into this little project, which is an exploration into the meaning and role of imagination (and fulfills a quirky requirement for a class I have).  I’d love to hear what you think.  The idea is that it makes you imagine stuff.  :-)  I want you to feel something.  Let me know what that something is by posting a comment below.  Thanks.

Tree Timelapse

What a gorgeous world we live in. It’s funny the kind of beauty you can find right at your feet or looking out your window, yet how often we just overlook it. Now I’m still fairly new at the SLR timelapse game, but here’s my offering for today.  It was quite windy and the clouds were just racing by.  I had a lot of homework so I just let the camera roll looking out the window.  Hope you like it.