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Callie & Vince’s Ranch Wedding in Whitehall, Montana

Remember Callie & Vince?  They are married now and are great together!  The two were married at a gorgeous riverfront ranch near Whitehall, about 40 minutes west of Bozeman.  Anyways, enjoy this awesome peek at their wedding and all the best of luck to you two!

“I love them, absolutely perfect. You guys captured so much!”

- Callie

Bob & Kristen | Engagements in City of Rocks, Idaho

A couple of weekends ago we were privileged to work with our good buddy Bob and his sweet lady-friend Kristen to shoot their engagements.  This shoot was a little different than usual.  You see Bob and I go way back.  I’ve actually known Bob since we were in the fourth grade together, and we’ve been buds ever since.  You might have spotted him in the Adventure Gallery, specifically images three and eight on the first page, and the fourth and third to the last on the last page.  (As of 07.26.10)  Bob and I have been climbing, biking, and skiing together for nigh on ten years, so it was only fitting that we did the shoot in beautiful City of Rocks National Reserve.  CoR has been our (as far as climbing is concerned) mecca, and making the trip there feels like going home.  There are a lot of pictures from the weekend, but first we’ll post the ‘official’ engagement portraits.  Check out this post to see some climbing pictures from the day.  Congratulations, Bob & Kristen!  You guys make an awesome couple!

Oh, and another quick note.  You may be wondering what the deal is with the painting.  The night Bob proposed, they went and made this painting together.  Bob made Kristen close her eyes for a minute and wrote ‘Will you marry me?” on there.  So cute!

Years Away…

Here’s to looking back to a time with no cares.  These are my sister Taralyn’s hands, dwarfing their former shadows.  We made handprints on my father’s workbench way back when he built it twenty-some years ago.  Now we are all in our mid-twenties having kids of our own.  It’s crazy how time flies.

Peet’s Hill

I’ve spent a lot of time on Peet’s Hill lately in Bozeman.  It’s an interesting little escarpment of earth right in the middle of town that really serves as an intra-urban organic refuge. Every dog in Bozeman spends time with its owner here. It’s a cool spot, but it’s at night that it really comes alive. Here’s a few from a recent evening there I thought ya’ll might enjoy.