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Josh & Misty, Part 3

You’ve probably seen Josh & Misty plastered all over the website in the last few years. They were one of our first weddings in Bozeman and it has been such a blast to help them document their little family as time has passed. You guys look as awesome as ever, thank you so much for letting us hang out for a while again!

Ty, Bonnie, & Crew (Family Session)

Had the awesome opportunity to work with Ty & Bonnie and their AWESOME kids and we think we got some pretty great stuff. What a lovely little family!

Sam & Sheerstie’s Family Pictures

Here are some of Sam and Sheerstie, Jaylee and their new addition, Caden! Such a beautiful family. We love you guys!

Blythe & Pauls Family Pictures

Check out this adorable little family!  Blythe & Paul, thank you for letting us be there to capture this awesome time in your lives!  Take a minute to head over to Facebook and give them some ‘like’ love!

Hailey Is A Dancer!

We were flattered to be invited to shoot some dance photos for some dear friends. Their little girl is just captivating!

“Wow!! You did a great job. Thank you!” – Hailey’s mom

Kelly & Nate’s Wedding in Billings, Montana

You may remember Kelly & Nate’s beautiful and SNOWY engagement photography session at the Bozeman Public Library.  Well, the seasons have definitely changed, and we got to work with the two lovebirds again, only this time in the warm summer sun.  These guys did a great job planning their wedding, with a lovely ceremony at the Yellowstone Baptist College followed by a crazy fun reception at the Big Horn Resort, both in Billings, Montana.  Unfortunately there wasn’t time for a bridal session with just the two of them, but we were still able to sneak out and get a few of just the two of them.  It was a beautiful day, congrats you guys!

Patrick, Susan, & the Boys | Family Portraits in Belgrade, Montana

Meet Patrick, Susan, and company. What a sweet little family these guys are!  We are so glad we were able to work with them to get such awesome images.  Thanks guys!

Genevieve & Jeremy

This is Jeremy and Genevieve and their beautiful dog Zahara at Grotto Falls just south of Bozeman. We were all so glad we could make it up there before the snow started flying. What a gorgeous place and what a fun little family!

Josh & Jacquelyn | Family Portrait Session | Idaho Falls

A lot can change in ten months! As previously mentioned, we just finished up editing our picks from yet another adorable family photo session with Josh & Jacquelyn. They’ve added another son to their crew and what a pair they make! We did the shoot on the beautiful Greenbelt in downtown Idaho Falls.  All the trees were in full bloom and it make for some gorgeous backgrounds which, combined with some sweet light, made for some truly awesome captures.  Enjoy, and thanks guys!

Sneak Peak: Josh & Jacquelyn & Co.

Idaho Falls Family Portrait on the Greenbelt along the Snake RiverHere’s a quick sneak peak of what we’re working on. You may remember Josh & Jacqs from last summer. Since then, they’ve added a new little dude to the clan! They are great parents and their two little boys are just awesome. We love you guys! There’s a lot more fun stuff to come!

Years Away…

Here’s to looking back to a time with no cares.  These are my sister Taralyn’s hands, dwarfing their former shadows.  We made handprints on my father’s workbench way back when he built it twenty-some years ago.  Now we are all in our mid-twenties having kids of our own.  It’s crazy how time flies.

Need Ice?

Ran across this ice chest while driving through Island Park.  I found it rather entertaining that, in a season where nobody wants it, you can’t get it, yet you’ve got it, if you get me.  :-)

INL Brushfire

This summer I’ve been working road construction and spent a lot of time on an extensive project on Highway 20 west of Idaho Falls.  It’s been a dry summer, and some careless worker tossed a cig into the grass.  No one was hurt and the fire contained, but it was big and quick.  It went from nothing to what’s shown below in about 10 minutes.