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MSU Wood Kiln Firing

The art department here at MSU has some fun toys. This is the wood kiln. They stoke it up occasionally to fire projects from pottery classes. Needless to say, it gets really hot. (Don’t ask me how hot though, I’m in architecture.) It’s pretty impressive though and has a cool old feel to it because you don’t just turn it on and set a timer. These guys split wood and stoke this fire for days. Art guys: I welcome any facts… how hot, how it works, etc. If you’re interested in prints check out Prints & Products or email me.

INL Brushfire

This summer I’ve been working road construction and spent a lot of time on an extensive project on Highway 20 west of Idaho Falls.  It’s been a dry summer, and some careless worker tossed a cig into the grass.  No one was hurt and the fire contained, but it was big and quick.  It went from nothing to what’s shown below in about 10 minutes.