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Sam & Sheerstie’s Family Pictures

Here are some of Sam and Sheerstie, Jaylee and their new addition, Caden! Such a beautiful family. We love you guys!

Maci & Nick | Engagements

Here are some pictures from our latest shoot here in downtown Bozeman. Congratulations, Maci and Nick on the engagement!

Callie & Vince are Engaged!

Anyone in Bozeman knows that the weather lately has been crazy.  It’s been raining almost every day, and it’s been difficult between weather and busy schedules to make this shoot happen.  Thanks, Vince & Callie, for your patience.  We think it was worth the wait.  ;-)

UPDATE (09.20.11) - See their wedding!

Featured: Chris & Trudi

Many thanks to the folks over at Emmaline Bride (and naturally to Chris & Trudi) for featuring Chris & Trudi’s gorgeous downtown Bozeman wedding. They put together a beautiful day and it was just a blast to be there with them and shoot it.  Emmaline is a great resource for prospective brides interested in DIY and high-class ideas for planning and detailing their weddings.  Go check them out!

Trudi & Chris Tie the Knot!

Wow!  What a whirlwind couple of weeks it’s been!  First off, Happy New Year!  No, wait, Merry Christmas!  Whew, let’s just go ahead and kick off the first post of the new year with the (second to the) last wedding of 2010.  2010 was a great year for us, thanks to all for helping make it a reality.  Today it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Trudi and Chris.  These guys are great.  They were married at the Presbyterian Church on Babcock in downtown Bozeman.  The wedding was gorgeous, especially the reception, which took place at the Baxter Hotel.  Trudi & Chris (and family, I’m sure) did a great job putting together such a beautiful reception.  They both have about the nicest families anybody could ask for.  The really fun thing about this wedding is that the two lovebirds walked from the church to the reception, and it was SNOWING.  I mean snowing quite heavily.  As you may remember from the picture in their sneak peek post, this made for some SWEET pictures.  They were such troopers, and Trudi seemed to just be loving it as well, which is saying something for the bride on her wedding day.  ;-)  Anyways, take a look at the pictures and you’ll see what we mean when we talk about a fun wedding!

“Oh my goodness!!  They are so awesome! My mom cried when she look at them! =]”

- Trudi

Sneak Peek! Trudi & Chris

Oh boy, what a fall/winter! Sorry for the lengthy hiatus; I’ve been so swamped with school and finals and having a baby (!) – more on that later – that I’ve fallen way behind on here. Please bear with me and we’ll get caught up. In the meantime, here’s a little sneak peek to tide you over. Enjoy!

UPDATE: They’re married!

Sam & Sheerstie | Family Portrait Session in Great Falls

Sam & Sheersties family portrait session in downtown Great Falls, Montana.Here are some of our favorites from a family shoot we just finished. Sam, Sheerstie and their cute daughter Jaylee are such a beautiful family!

“We absolutely love the pictures!  Thanks so much, they turned out perfect!”

- Sam

New: Featured Prints

As part of our business makeover, we’ve decided to spotlight hot selling images right on our main site under Featured Prints.  We’ll update this page now and then to show off new offerings.  Be sure to subscribe to the blog to not miss a thing!

Rae Ann & Buzz on Main Street

A few weeks ago we finished up editing Buzz & Rae Ann’s somewhat belated couples portraits.  We just walked up and down Main Street in Bozeman and made a few fun captures.  Here are some highlights:

Ame Jo & Tyson

Here’s a few shots from the latest crop of engagements… Ame Jo & Tyson are an adorable couple and were great to work with. Thanks you guys!

These were done in downtown Idaho Falls, Idaho and along the city’s scenic Snake River Greenbelt.  Be sure to watch for Ame Jo & Tyson’s wedding coming soon.  Wish them luck!

If you like what you see, check out the engagements gallery or look at the engagements category here on the blog for more or email or call 208.521.9445 to book your shoot today!

Seniors – Kyle

Here are a few shots from a senior session we did last week.  The school year’s gonna be over before you know it, so call to book your seniors fast!  Booking info here.

“We love the pictures!  I wouldn’t change a thing!  Thanks to you both for doing such a great job for my boy!  We really really love the pics, and I hope some of his friends use you too.”

- Lori (Kyle’s mom)