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New: Featured Prints

As part of our business makeover, we’ve decided to spotlight hot selling images right on our main site under Featured Prints.  We’ll update this page now and then to show off new offerings.  Be sure to subscribe to the blog to not miss a thing!

Temple Photo Contest – Help!

I imagine many of you have seen this picture before.  Regardless of one’s religious inclinations, anyone who’s spent time strolling along the Snake River Greenbelt in Idaho Falls, Idaho can attest to what a stellar little location it is.

I’ve entered it in a little contest, so if you like it, please help me out by swinging over to latterdailyart and posting a comment on the photo.  Comments are essentially votes.

Of course you can also help me out by buying a print or canvas gallery wrap…

Ame Jo & Tyson’s Wedding – Part 2

We’ve finished up the second haul from Ame & Tyson’s wedding.  Right after their honeymoon, Tyson had to leave for four months to go through boot camp!  Ame is going to print them out and send them to Tyson so he can be in on the fun.   We love you, Ame Jo!  Thank you so much for letting us do these for you. We wish you guys the very best!

“I love, love, LOVE them!  I cried through all of them because they are so good and I miss Tyson so much.  Thank you guys so much, I love you both!”

- Ame Jo

Ame Jo & Tyson – Married!

You may remember Ame Jo and Tyson from an engagement shoot a while ago… Well, on May 30th, they tied the knot!  What a great couple they are.  Thank you Ame & Tyson for letting us share your exquisite day, and we wish you the very best!  This is just a little teaser, there are more to come as we get them processed.  Thanks!

Restoration Job

Hey everyone here’s a little change of pace.  Even though photography takes the center stage, Clark Imaging also specializes in photo restoration.  It seems like almost everyone has some old family photos for the 1920′s – or earlier – that are just sitting in a shoebox in the attic, literally rotten.  If those pictures are lost, then so is our link with our heritage.  It’s our responsibility and great privilege to preserve those memories.  No matter the fading or damage, it never ceases to amaze what we can get save out of old messed up photos.
These are of the father and grandfather of a three-generation military family.  The first one was an 8×10 with heavy water damage throughout and was stuck to the glass, and the second was a crinkled wallet that can now be printed at 8×10+.  Both have also been treated and toned to be printed as a triptych set with the photo of the grandson.

If you like what you see, check out the services page or look at the restoration category here on the blog.

MSU Wood Kiln Firing

The art department here at MSU has some fun toys. This is the wood kiln. They stoke it up occasionally to fire projects from pottery classes. Needless to say, it gets really hot. (Don’t ask me how hot though, I’m in architecture.) It’s pretty impressive though and has a cool old feel to it because you don’t just turn it on and set a timer. These guys split wood and stoke this fire for days. Art guys: I welcome any facts… how hot, how it works, etc. If you’re interested in prints check out Prints & Products or email me.