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Photo Restoration: Domed Portraits

Here’s some more recent restoration work. It’s so fascinating to see what old cool stuff people bring in. I can’t help but wonder about these people’s stories. These were interesting pieces. They were antique convex portraits (so the mounting board itself was shaped like a dome); which led to an interesting challenge in capture. They had to be shot rather than scanned to get a good image to work with. These were tricky also because they were large – almost 20 inches tall – and, while they look alright in these small images, are significantly scratched up on close inspection. After the work is done, high-quality watercolor paper prints will be made and reinserted into the original, antique oval frames. Originals are then archived and can be well-protected. Fun stuff!

Recent Photo Restoration

Photo restoration is such a kick. These photos are such heirlooms, but they lay all too often buried and forgotten in some corner of the attic gathering dust. There is immense power in being able to be a part in restoring heirloom photos to their full and emotional potential.

Heirloom Tragedy … Saved!

Here’s a real sad case … this photo was almost unrecognizable, and damaged in almost every way possible. It was faded, scratched, stained, and crinkled, but we were able to work with it and help the family preserve an heirloom. Click on the thumbnail below to see what we were able to get out of it.

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Restoration Job

Hey everyone here’s a little change of pace.  Even though photography takes the center stage, Clark Imaging also specializes in photo restoration.  It seems like almost everyone has some old family photos for the 1920′s – or earlier – that are just sitting in a shoebox in the attic, literally rotten.  If those pictures are lost, then so is our link with our heritage.  It’s our responsibility and great privilege to preserve those memories.  No matter the fading or damage, it never ceases to amaze what we can get save out of old messed up photos.
These are of the father and grandfather of a three-generation military family.  The first one was an 8×10 with heavy water damage throughout and was stuck to the glass, and the second was a crinkled wallet that can now be printed at 8×10+.  Both have also been treated and toned to be printed as a triptych set with the photo of the grandson.

If you like what you see, check out the services page or look at the restoration category here on the blog.