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Nicole & Will’s Rehearsal Dinner

Nicole & Will brought us on for their rehearsal dinner. It was such a fun time! What an amazing couple!

Montana Special Olympics: Torch Run

I’ve been able to tag along for a bit of the torch run for Montana Special Olympics. Yesterday was the final leg of the run; here are a few quick snaps from the run. The weather was downright nasty for a bit. A few of us actually took shelter in the chopper for a bit (on the ground unfortunately). Nobody was even phased though and they charged ahead. Bozeman provided a big police motorcade escort and a Homeland Security Blackhawk helicopter doing flyovers. It’s been really great to experience this and see the real passion these people have for what they are doing. Good luck to all the athletes!

UPDATE 01.25.11: The Montana Police Protective Association featured a few of these images in a quick ad here.  Pay attention, they go by fast! ;-)