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SnapKnot is Giving Away $1000

To anyone out there planning a wedding, check out SnapKnot!  They’re a great resource to find your wedding photographer.  You can look up photographers by city and state and even little old Bozeman is on there.  Check them out.  Now’s a great time too because they are giving away $1000!  Be sure to give a shout out to your favorite photographers when you enter.  You know it’s us.  ;-)

And because no post should be without a picture:  Happy summer!

Featured: Chris & Trudi

Many thanks to the folks over at Emmaline Bride (and naturally to Chris & Trudi) for featuring Chris & Trudi’s gorgeous downtown Bozeman wedding. They put together a beautiful day and it was just a blast to be there with them and shoot it.  Emmaline is a great resource for prospective brides interested in DIY and high-class ideas for planning and detailing their weddings.  Go check them out!

INL Brushfire

This summer I’ve been working road construction and spent a lot of time on an extensive project on Highway 20 west of Idaho Falls.  It’s been a dry summer, and some careless worker tossed a cig into the grass.  No one was hurt and the fire contained, but it was big and quick.  It went from nothing to what’s shown below in about 10 minutes.