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Krista & Kevin – Engagement Photos

Talk about a gorgeous couple! Krista & Kevin are so in love, it was absolutely fun to work with these two and we are very stoked for their wedding next summer. Happy wedding planning!

Kelli & Marty’s Montana Engagements

These guys were just the greatest to work with. Kelli, Marty, we want to thank you guys for an awesome time and wish you the best in preparation of your wedding! See more on Facebook, too.

Casan & Tom’s Engagements in Columbus, Montana

Meet Casan & Tom. You may remember them from Kelly & Nate’s wedding, she was a bridesmaid and also coincidentally Nate’s sister. Well, now it’s her turn! Congrats on the engagement guys, and happy wedding planning!

Maci & Nick | Engagements

Here are some pictures from our latest shoot here in downtown Bozeman. Congratulations, Maci and Nick on the engagement!

Callie & Vince are Engaged!

Anyone in Bozeman knows that the weather lately has been crazy.  It’s been raining almost every day, and it’s been difficult between weather and busy schedules to make this shoot happen.  Thanks, Vince & Callie, for your patience.  We think it was worth the wait.  ;-)

UPDATE (09.20.11) - See their wedding!

Engaged! – Kelly & Nate

The other weekend we got to do some awesome engagement pictures at the Bozeman Public Library for Kelly & Nate. There was just one problem: It was DUMPING snow. Normally weather like this might end up postponing a shoot, but as we’ve shown before, we can deal with it, and we just had to make it happen. These two had driven about two hours to get into town, so we just went for it. They were both such great sports, and it paid off. The pictures are awesome! Good luck in your wedding planning, guys!

UPDATE (08.13.11) – See their wedding!

Anna & Brian are Engaged!

Meet Anna & Brian.  These two lovebirds are slated for marriage in 2011.  Have fun planning guys, hope you love your images as much as we do!

Bob & Kristen | Engagements in City of Rocks, Idaho

A couple of weekends ago we were privileged to work with our good buddy Bob and his sweet lady-friend Kristen to shoot their engagements.  This shoot was a little different than usual.  You see Bob and I go way back.  I’ve actually known Bob since we were in the fourth grade together, and we’ve been buds ever since.  You might have spotted him in the Adventure Gallery, specifically images three and eight on the first page, and the fourth and third to the last on the last page.  (As of 07.26.10)  Bob and I have been climbing, biking, and skiing together for nigh on ten years, so it was only fitting that we did the shoot in beautiful City of Rocks National Reserve.  CoR has been our (as far as climbing is concerned) mecca, and making the trip there feels like going home.  There are a lot of pictures from the weekend, but first we’ll post the ‘official’ engagement portraits.  Check out this post to see some climbing pictures from the day.  Congratulations, Bob & Kristen!  You guys make an awesome couple!

Oh, and another quick note.  You may be wondering what the deal is with the painting.  The night Bob proposed, they went and made this painting together.  Bob made Kristen close her eyes for a minute and wrote ‘Will you marry me?” on there.  So cute!

Go Seize the Deal!!! (Bozeman & Area Photo Shoots)

Hey everyone if you haven’t already heard of it you need to check out Seize the Deal! It’s a great local promotion that features a different local business every day and they offer awesome deals on stuff (usually like 50%-90% off). Anyways, over the weekend Clark Imaging will feature a full $250 photoshoot for $100!!! This deal will work as a discount voucher towards booking CI for your wedding photography, or for an engagement, bridal, maternity, family, senior portrait photography session  It’s only this weekend, so hop on over and check it out. Spread the word! Thanks!

Misty & Josh: Engaged!

Misty and Josh are such a fun-loving couple.  It’s been great to spend some time with them planning things out and shooting these engagements.  They are great together and are so fun to be around.  Also, it’s hard not to take heart in those (practically) snow-free backgrounds!  Spring is on its way!

Edit 08.18.10 – Misty & Josh’s wedding photos are up!

“I love them! Thank you so much! Thanks for all your hard work!”

- Misty

Ame Jo & Tyson

Here’s a few shots from the latest crop of engagements… Ame Jo & Tyson are an adorable couple and were great to work with. Thanks you guys!

These were done in downtown Idaho Falls, Idaho and along the city’s scenic Snake River Greenbelt.  Be sure to watch for Ame Jo & Tyson’s wedding coming soon.  Wish them luck!

If you like what you see, check out the engagements gallery or look at the engagements category here on the blog for more or email or call 208.521.9445 to book your shoot today!